9800 Series is Perfect Deck Mount Converter Replacement for Many Models

9855-videoAre you running into RV converters that are no longer available? To help you in these situations, our Power Pros™ team has built a library of helpful videos that show how to replace older converters with current WFCO products. One of our videos details the removal of old and obsolete deck mounts, and the installation of WFCO’s WF-9855 Deck Mount Converter. It showcases how the WF-9855 can easily replace the Todd Engineering PC-30, IOTA DLS-55, and Atwood APC-32 deck mounts. WFCO’s WF-9855 allows technicians to easily upgrade existing deck mounts to WFCO’s powerhouse three-stage charging system, ensuring high-performance for customers’ electrical needs.

The WFCO cross-reference guide is a great resource for checking what corresponding WFCO products are available to replace older converters or power centers. This gives you an opportunity to transition your customer over to a WFCO product that excels in durability, functionality, and provides benefits not available in the converter being replaced.

CLICK HERE to see the other replacement videos in our technical library and check back frequently to visit our growing list of video resources.