4 SKUs is All You Need

WFCO’s long history with the RV industry allows it to deliver the suitable replacement converter or power center for just about any situation you come across, even those with old and obsolete products. However, you don’t have to search through WFCO’s diverse portfolio to find what you need for the majority of your customer’s situations. WFCO performed a market research study to handle that for you.

WFCO’s study confirmed that you can reduce inventory costs and still handle most converter/power center needs by stocking just four WFCO SKUs. These include:

o   WF-9855: a 55-amp deck mount converter with 3-stage charging for most deck mount replacement needs.

o   WF-8955REP: a universal converter replacement kit that can upgrade certain power center brands with removable converter sections. Technicians can easily remove the lower section and slide in the WF-8955REP unit. This exchange upgrades the old single-stage charger into a high-performance three-stage charging powerhouse.

o WF-8955MBA: an easy-to-install main board assembly that replaces the lower section in any WF-8955 Series power center and upgrades other select converter brands.

o   WF-8955PEC: a power center that allows you to satisfy most of your power center replacement and upgrade needs. More RVs are equipped with the WF-8955 power center than any other option.

With these four components covering most of your replacement needs, you can lower your inventory costs while providing timely customer service. High-quality products in such replacement situations also allow service centers to offer their customers converter/power center technology that can significantly upgrade the customer’s RV, rather than simply replacing existing parts with the old technology.

WFCO also has a cross-reference guide to help dealers choose the correct replacement product. This guide allows dealers to find a replacement solution for the obsolete or current converter. Get yours today by contacting the WFCO Power Pros toll-free at 1-877-294-8997 or requesting one at wfcoelectronics.speartekbuilds.com/wfco-cross-reference-guide.

For any WFCO resources, tools, and information on our products, email support@wfcoelectronics.com with your request, or click here to download the WFCO Training Catalog. To learn more about our products through video, click here.