220V Products for Export Markets

Export markets can be a challenge for many U.S.-based RV manufacturers, as a number of logistical solutions go into building a product meant for an entirely different power grid. With many of the world’s electrical hook-ups running up to 240VAC, a standard 110VAC power solution found in the U.S. isn’t compatible. With these challenges in mind, WFCO developed a number of power centers and converters geared toward export markets.

The WF-8855E Deck Mount Converter Charger is designed specifically for manufacturers that export RVs, and fits 55 ADC power requirements with inputs ranging from 190 to 260 VAC and 50 or 60 Hz.

The WF-8725E Power Center is space-efficient, designed with easy installation in mind, and can meet 25 ADC power needs with inputs ranging from 190 to 260 VAC.

wfco_power_pros_mediumThe WF-8955E Power Center is part of the RV industry’s preferred power center lineup and is designed for high power consuming appliances. This 55 ADC model accepts 190 to 260 VAC and is installer-friendly.

As the leader of RV electrical solutions, WFCO knows it’s not enough to offer only the solutions needed by the masses. We continually bring innovations to the marketplace that allow us to offer the largest product range, meeting both niche and worldwide needs, while also supplying the entirety of the U.S. RV industry with electrical solutions.