1800 W & 2000 W Inverters

WFCO’s 1800 and 2000-watt WF-5118 & WF-5120 inverters will soon join the 1000-watt WF-5110 inverter in the series. Their exclusive internal transfer system automatically allows shore power to pass straight through the inverter when connected to an ac power source. Other essential features include pure sine wave output, providing the hi-tech filtering needed for premium electronics and refrigerators, plus an easy hi-pot testing design that allows hi-potting output circuits through the inverter.

The WF-5118/5120 also features a display panel with LED indicators and a remote. The remote includes an ON/OFF button and a 32-ft. cable. The display panel has LED status indicators that mimic the unit’s front panel displaying battery charge and inverter load levels as a percentage: Green- indicates ac is normal, Amber- indicates the unit is running on battery, & Red- indicates an overload. In addition, the “On Battery” LED will flicker to signal a low battery.

All three inverters (WF-5110, WF-5118, & WF-5120) have an advanced microprocessor control circuit design with fast processing capability that optimizes system efficiency. The high-frequency switching mode topology makes for a smaller, lighter, quieter, and more-efficient unit. In addition, the high surge current walk-in capability (3:1 crest factor) handles 300% peak current, and the automatic transfer switch has a 100% default to utility power.

With over a decade of inverter manufacturing, WFCO knows what is essential. Reliability, clean signal, easy installation, and intelligent power management make the WF-5118 & WF-5120 the best RV inverters. Keep your eye out for more information on the WF-5118/5120 in the upcoming months!

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